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20 February, 2012

San Antonio de Padua, Silang

    Along the national highway there were signs. "San Antonio de Padua".  Finally on the way home from Tagaytay, we turned left to where the sign pointed. It is also the road toward a "Manila Zen Buddhist" place.  The road also leads to Silang town proper, and it's a long way (did not note how far) before the church. 

   It was 2:00pm, but we apparently were in time to see a bride alight from a Studebaker (with a black vintage trunk on the rear). Wedding marches, to my mind usually begin at 3:00pm. 2 was unusual for me.  This was serendipitous, because the kid has been curious and interested about weddings lately, owing to her age and stage.  An aside--she actually wore a formal dress that day, so she could have passed as a wedding guest, except that we the parents were in extremely casual attire.

   We had the sense that this church must have been built (or renovated?) specifically for weddings. It is built with bricks, the interior is charming, and it's exterior design I am sure, attractive to many brides looking for a Tagaytay venue. I would advise couples to wait until its parking area is completed though.  Not very pretty seeing steel bars poking out of hollow blocks and cement in the center of it all.  The site is presumably a pillar for a statue.

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