I'm just a small fish in a small corner of this big Laguna, and this is how I've been swimming it

31 December, 2016

Scenes from Two Shopping Malls

    Even my own mom shushed me...when I continued to rant about the artificiality (artificialness?) of the latest developments this side of town. Can't blame her...I've been so negative of late.  Wasn't too excited to go see it and then did not totally enjoy the lights...the laser lights, the led lights..the beautiful accompanying music (the music did a lot)...on the once grassy lot.

   The killer was when a flock of birds flew over the lights--were they real?--their wings and bodies glistening white above the field of twinkling wires and bulbs.

   So now we do not see as many stars as we did just a few years ago.

    From up the Silang Hills, the Light Show's music is heard loud and clear, carried by the wind.  The search lights have been, again, diminishing views of stars.  If you turn the volume up really high, you can hear the music.

     Also in the same direction,  a surreal scene...a retailer's nightmare...
I mean, these were peak hours, DECEMBER 16!

    So why are there many cars parked out front and in the expansive rear? They are all dining...in The Legend, Denny's, or the All Day Supermarket "Paluto".  At one point I stepped out of the supermarket, heard some ''office people" obviously from out of town, asking the guard where the "Dampa in Vista Mall" was.  Ha ha.  Guard had no idea.  Well it's the PALUTO, I butted in.  The visitors were grateful...yes! The Paluto! They said.  Paluto means "to have cook", and there, one can buy the fresh produce and have it cooked many ways according to their menu.

   Apparently, this Vista Mall has been referred to as "Nuvali" by visitors. I guess they refer to this general location as Nuvali....as if it is now a town's name.   

    (The escalators are moving continuously!)

 This was the Paseo Market this morning... sounds of torotots, and the usual morning weekend marketing scene...with maybe a little bit more shoppers.

So my last post for the year ends with a view and sounds of fireworks over Paseo de Santa Rosa, as seen from the hills of Silang, Cavite.

   Happy New Year! In my selfish way, I hope 2017 leaves me with still enough clear views of the sky.  Because really, it is quickly getting crowded up here.

Paving paradise part nth

  So we chose to move up to the hills...far from the highway now regularly jammed on weekends...away from the commercial areas...never mind their convenience...

  But now the two big developers have joined together to create even more of the same up there too.   

  Saw the forest bulldozed...very very very sad.

  And yet in the future, I know I will patronize it. Or even be a tenant. 

  Surely, an asthma attack after twenty years of clear lungs...may be related to the construction around.  And what about EVERYONE now having respiratory problems.  It's not just the pollen, I say.  For former Manila residents maybe it's even being used to the cement dust and THEN experiencing pollen.

  I used to hear about "Green Lungs" in the city of Kuala Lumpur every day. Not once have I heard it here.  Just because we are not prone to the smog from Indonesia, or are not in a valley like KL is, does not mean we do not need the "green lungs" too.

  Bye bye birdies.


12 September, 2016

Rainbow over Qualimed

It was difficult to stop along Nuvali Blvd early rush hour morning, but I could not resist...a double rainbow, full from end to end and wide, over Sta.Rosa-Silang, over the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road.  So...beautiful on a sunny August morning.

If you try, maybe you can see at least one, faint because I could not stop right away.  Just look above the tree in the center.

In the middle is Qualimed, the hospital due to open in the 1st quarter of 2017.

The healthcare options are getting wider in this area...

Federico's (or where to get your laing fix)

One noon time I saw a sign at the Laguna Technopark Gate 1, advertising a "Laguna Technopark Square" (or was it really a "square"), with restaurants as Paotsin, Aline Nene's, Potdog, and more.

Turns out its location is just outside Gate 3, which can be accessed from inside the technopark if an insider, or along the Laguna blvd, crossing the bridge to the Binan side, along Don Bosco, Ayala's Santa Rosa Village and San Jose Villages, De La Salle, Westgrove, Beacon Academy, and out on the road that leads towards  Palma Real, Dalta, and Verdana Mamplasan.  

The place also houses TBS The Blue Corner, which may be a branch of the place at the Paseo Market.  At the end of the building, I found Federico's, which has the most friendly and warm staff, and an equally accommodating owner. As she is Bicolano, the specialty of the house is actually LAING with anything. Laing with fried tilapia, laing with chicken, laing with bopis...

There are many Bicolanos in the Sta. Rosa-Silang area, and while they can probably cook up their own native food...I am nowhere near being from Albay so I am happy to have found them.  Their food is good, and as I said, they are so very nice.

They also specialize in "Boodle Fights", they lay out the banana leaves and you can choose to put together your own Boodle Fight menu.  

I'm sorry my photos are or poor quality, and I am sorry it was a Saturday night, which means there were no employees enjoying Boodle Fights, which means, no banana leaves spread on the tables...  
but here I will show you their really delicious and bestselling Mango Graham Shake, served in a corked bottle:

11 June, 2016

Museo De La Salle

June 4, 2016

De La Salle University-Dasmarinas Cultural Heritage Complex, Dasmarinas, Cavite.  Cavite is huge, and Dasmarinas is not as easy to reach from Santa Rosa as one might imagine.

From the Santa Rosa Silang border, specifically the Laguna Technopark and Paseo, it is best reached (for me at least, let me know if there is an even better route) via the "Cardiac Trail" at South Forbes, bgy. Inchican Silang...the road beside SMC's Wedgewoods.  Scenic and quick enough. May get confusing, what with a lack of signages through hills and little barangays, but following a compass and map (GPS) can help.  Of course, there are tricycle drivers and sari-sari store owners to ask.

Through to Silang town to get to the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway.
For a trip back up to Tagaytay then,it's just the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway all the way.  Well, not really "just" that.  Dasmarinas, Cavite is notorious for its traffic jams on the main road.  Especially on Saturdays. And this was a Saturday.

Shaded and lovely University Avenue, where one of three DLSD gates is located

Well, photos are not allowed inside much of the Museum, so...snippets of its surroundings in De La Salle Dasmarinas instead.
Beautiful, gorgeous campus!

I do cherish my Jesuit education...but I wish I had it in this campus, with this kind of heritage consciousness.  The La Salle Brothers have it, led by Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, from whose family a large part of the museum's collection comes.  It was his idea to build it, actually, per the museum guide.

central quadrangle of the COLLEGE OF TOURISM (and Hospitality Mgt I think?)

Admin building, a replica of the Kawit Cavite shrine
The chapel, a replica of one in Bulacan, if I remember right
There is a lake on campus

Museo foyer

on the Tagaytay Ridge



Makiling Sunset

From one of the Alveo villages in Nuvali, Canlubang, Laguna.
June 5, 2016

05 April, 2016

Glass sculptures


Beautiful art and a beautiful view...

Greetings from Museo Orlina!

We are inviting you to an exhibit entitled Blue Shirt by the remarkable glass artist Dong Hoon Kwak from Busan, South Korea.

In addition, we recently unveiled the replica of Ramon Orlina's "Arcanum XIX, Paradise Gained"the first glass sculpture in the Philippines. This is part of his continuing celebration in the arts as a sculptor.

Operating hours: Tuesdays-Sundays, 10am to 6pm
Regular admission fee: Php 100
Student/senior citizen/ PWD admission fee: Php 80

Be sure to include Museo Orlina in your itinerary this summer! See you!

Hollywood Subdivision Rd.,                                                                   
Brgy. Tolentino East, Hollywood Subd., Tagaytay City
Mobile No.   :   +63 906 434 0862                          
Tel. No.       :   (046) 413 2581                                                              
E-mail          :   info@museo-orlina.org                                                    
Website       :   www.museo-orlina.org                                                    
This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the addressee(s). If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail.

26 March, 2016


We are very pleased about Ziggurat being here.  Well, not exactly in Sta. Rosa, but at the border--in Silang.

It occupies a corner of the ground floor of Stanford Suites in Bgy. Inchican. Right across the St. Scholastica's College, and St. Benedict's Church.

I don't know how Ziggurat is related to the Destination Hotel (a few roomswithin the building), but they gave us discount vouchers for the rooms after we paid for our meal. Oh, the building is a condo-tel. 
I am not connected in any way to the owners or staff of this restaurant.  We simply just enjoyed it in our previous city, and now here it is in our next one.

We are very, very pleased...

...having lived in close proximity to the main Ziggurat in Makati prior to here.  We didn't know we had missed it.



I will leave a few not-so-great photos...but the menu, the extensive menu of North African, Middle Eastern, African, Meditteranean Indian dishes....I will leave for you to peruse in detail when you visit.  Extensive as the menu list is, not all the dishes are available at any one time because of ingredients on stock.  I am happy as long as there is lamb!
(and hey, prices are reasonable)