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20 August, 2015

Save the Philippine Eagle

It hurt to hear about Pamana and the Philippine Eagles.

This echoed in my head. Go to 16:22. Joey Ayala's Haring Ibon.

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Ayala Mall Solenad

I hate to be such a whiner about their having "paved paradise" again.  I will rant about the shrinking habitat again...(really, where are the birds now)...
and I know it is hypocritical of me because, well, I do patronize the shops.

What to do. It is a long weekend, and so if you got here, it's probably because you ran a search. Well, here it is. I know, if I sound unexcited, it's because I am.  The kid is excited...a big mall, like in the city, she says. It is now a city, she says.  Sure, lots of open spaces, as promised.  But really, the birds are going, going...gone.

My glum mood is aggravated by the killing of the Philippine eagle Pamana the other day.  It was an awful surprise to learn that 90% of Philippine eagles released end up shot.  

So anyway...still there are those wing-like roofs that were destroyed by that windy typhoon last year. Roofs where rain will simply flood toward a central locked in area of the roof, and damage gutters, pipes.  As a foreign neighbor once sighed about much of the weather-inappropriate architecture and engineering here..."...and this is a monsoon country.."

These were taken on August 15, when it seems the entire neighborhood plus those from Carmona, up to Alabang, came to dine.

So, everything will be here. There is something I notice---the "gentrification" of the city. I don't know why I chose that word..it just seems so apt.  You see, in the first few posts I wrote about how in 2009 shop girls around here would address customers as "Ate" and vise versa.  They were always very nice and accommodating.  Well, I have noticed that since around 2012, the "type" of "sales associates" has changed. Now they seem more like the Makati retailers...  now more of them welcome you in English. More of them seem like college graduates, more of them undergo special training specific to their brands.

Now, in Krispy Kreme, I am "Miss". It can get annoying how many times the "miss" is repeated. But I can ignore it.

Sadly,many customers are not "gentrified", to be frank.  These days, the mall parking lot is littered with rubbish. People seem to be tossing their paper cups, tetra paks, soiled baby diapers, food wrappers, right outside their parked cars.  

Outside the All Home store when it was brand new, I glared at two young men who threw their cigarette butts down a drain on the street.  I had earlier looked down into the drain to see trash in it.  These two guys then parked their car, got off, and tossed their butts down.

Is Sta. Rosa getting dirty quickly? It used to be so clean here.

Another scourge is the increasing number of abusive drivers.  Especially within Nuvali.  But I'm too tired to say more now.