I'm just a small fish in a small corner of this big Laguna, and this is how I've been swimming it

15 November, 2013

Body in Sta. Rosa; Spirit--mind, heart in the Visayas

     Been pausing, avoiding blogging or thinking of this town for awhile...just as many of us are, to do our own little thing for those who are suffering from the super typhoon...

   ...also just grabbed "emergency blankets" from True Value, at 30% off...no survival kit in order for my household...just a whistle always in my purse, and now, without a thought, the blanket...they're those mylar (space-balloon) materials, which pack very lightly and tiny, yet protect the body by keeping heat in, water off...dad said go ahead, get your own, none for him.  He could not imagine what I would need it for. I know I used one over a decade ago in a tent on a mountain.  But yes, it's one of those things I hope I will never need.  When dad asked me what for, I thought, well, what for indeed? It's hot here.

     I do not know what contingency plans are in this city for such a catastrophe.

     In the time between the Bohol earthquake and before Typhoon Yolanda was even whispered about...an expatriate neighbor asked me: "Do you know what you're going to do or where you would go if a big earthquake happened here?"

     Her question drew a blank.

     Her family is visiting Bohol again from Europe this Christmas.  "It could happen anywhere!", she said in reply to another expat who questioned if they were not fearful.  She reminded us of the flooding that had just occured in her first world country.

     She is right.  We are away from the Laguna Bay, but we are all within the "Pacific Ring of Fire".  We have the Taal volcano and Mt. Makiling. There are fault lines around us...and as Bohol taught us, there are fault lines yet to be discovered. It can happen anywhere, natural disasters.

     What worries me is the response.

08 November, 2013

Philippine Wild Ducks

     ...are not found in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. But part of Nuvali is...and where I'm heading is this---it is disturbing to see a young architect's photos of herself in action and proudly displaying endemic wild ducks she and her father shot...the connection is this...she as an architect has posted/tweeted about admiring Nuvali and going into so-called sustainable, green, architecture.  Do you see the disturbing connection?

     I am almost sure she is not the only one whose proclamations about environmental stewardship contradict their actions.  I myself cannot claim living completely green.  But the concern is...how sincere and how real are other "developers" really.  How can one of them truly admire and believe in Nuvali's thrust (including a bird sanctuary); yet act against it? In a most cruel, deliberate manner--shooting birds. Wild, protected, species.

     Not even going into how the father is an old politician. Interesting how his actions should be a surprise. I expect nothing honorable from him, what with his personal lifestyle, his relationships, his offspring.  Sadly, reading about their wild duck hunt on GMA news only feels desperate---that he will still "get away with it", you know?  And although there is outrage, we are not seeing the outrage of the sort that has people charging at him on the streets.  His image belongs to that old "guns, goons and gold" generation; few people of her generation realize this anymore.  Thank goodness for the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and also Howie Severino of GMA network.

    Well, maybe justice will be served in the next life. or now...who knows. I mean, she also is an aviatrix, for one thing (I actually admire her achievements in both fields, especially in her ability to fly;  so sayang in the light of the hunting and bragging about it, though). Ever heard of a bird strike?  Then there might be bird flu. Mother Earth's vengeance, you know?


07 November, 2013

Exiting Fort Sto. Domingo

   Kid's (bouncy) eye view of almost seeing the exit of Ms. Napoles from Fort Sto. Domingo for her Senate date this morning.  Traffic along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay highway was probably not disrupted.  Network cameras scramble on the left side of the road perpendicular to the entrance road.  

   The only new changes in the area ever since her presence are the new, styled and uniform "white corn for sale" signs on the road...seemingly sponsored; and Crown Asia Valenza's Christmas tree and animated display.  

   How undisturbed this barangay is; it's nice this way.

  I don't mean to sound shallow or make light of current events.  I'm just as outraged, upset and frustrated as most Filipinos.  She has angered me, the senators involved have disappointed and angered from way back.  I feel sorry for the Education Secretary, Bro. Armin, whose efforts at managing the DepEd budget were lauded recently.  I weep for him and all our children. He has had to make do and build classrooms with the help of private companies.  The situation is still dire.  How do students make sense of this deprivation?  With today's circus, we are deluded into thinking we are getting educated on legal processes.  What exactly, what are we really teaching the children?

Pediatric Dentist Nearby

     I started this blog with the initial idea of including a directory of services around the area gathered as I began living here.  Let's go back to that sort of post for a while...

     Again, as with most of my "commercials" here, I have no relation to this company other than having been a satisfied client.  I post when I want to about them, not for anything but to share info about their existence.  I would be happy to actually run a paid directory service, well, maybe I should look into it. For now, here are my opinions on certain services.

This here's my kid's first baby tooth to fall off
       Among the baby care things I read while pregnant was care of teeth even BEFORE they appear.  I remember that among the very good things about breast milk is its protection of future teeth---breastfeeding doesn't at all contribute to tooth decay in the way formula milk delivered with bottles and nipples does.  A neighbor gave my four month old baby a baptismal present which included her first tootbrush--a silicon, extremely soft bristled "brush" worn on a finger.  It was a practical gift I used diligently once my baby's teeth came out.  Apparently the bottom front ones are usually first, and the above first tooth to come off was indeed from the bottom.

      What I did not follow, however, was the advice to take your child to the dentist at about a year old or even as early as the first tooth comes out.  I just made sure to give her lots of water, and to continue the brushing especially after her first solid food.

      By two years old, I decided I had to finally take her to the dentist.  I remember hearing Dr. Georgia at the first Expo Mom in Rockwell right before I gave birth.  She echoed what was in the books---the need to take good care of the baby teeth; that damage or decayed baby teeth actually will carry over to the permanent ones, giving adult teeth problems in the future.  I also wanted a check that everything was alright.  Although the truth is that we as adults have not been going on regular dental check-ups or cleaning, I was determined to give the kid a good start.

     One of the concerns was to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the child.  This meant a clinic close enough, at a schedule that worked with with the 2 1/2 year old's nap schedule, and a dentist who specialized in the little ones.

      So we went to Dr. Georgia's clinic in Alabang.  Yes, her fees are probably on the more expensive side.  BUT, with all the education I get from her even during the 15 minutes my child is on her chair, I feel it is worth it.  She is obviously passionate about her work, and eager to educate.  Sure, her play area, her play house is a main attraction for the kid...but really, she LIKES the dentist herself. She dislikes the flouride paste, but seems to forget it because it is the kid who BEGS me to take her to the dentist.  Yes she BEGS!  So without further ado, here is the clinic responsible for making my child actually find dental check-ups rewarding: (Oh, and the kid's teeth are still in good shape, no cavities)