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31 December, 2016

Scenes from Two Shopping Malls

    Even my own mom shushed me...when I continued to rant about the artificiality (artificialness?) of the latest developments this side of town. Can't blame her...I've been so negative of late.  Wasn't too excited to go see it and then did not totally enjoy the lights...the laser lights, the led lights..the beautiful accompanying music (the music did a lot)...on the once grassy lot.

   The killer was when a flock of birds flew over the lights--were they real?--their wings and bodies glistening white above the field of twinkling wires and bulbs.

   So now we do not see as many stars as we did just a few years ago.

    From up the Silang Hills, the Light Show's music is heard loud and clear, carried by the wind.  The search lights have been, again, diminishing views of stars.  If you turn the volume up really high, you can hear the music.

     Also in the same direction,  a surreal scene...a retailer's nightmare...
I mean, these were peak hours, DECEMBER 16!

    So why are there many cars parked out front and in the expansive rear? They are all dining...in The Legend, Denny's, or the All Day Supermarket "Paluto".  At one point I stepped out of the supermarket, heard some ''office people" obviously from out of town, asking the guard where the "Dampa in Vista Mall" was.  Ha ha.  Guard had no idea.  Well it's the PALUTO, I butted in.  The visitors were grateful...yes! The Paluto! They said.  Paluto means "to have cook", and there, one can buy the fresh produce and have it cooked many ways according to their menu.

   Apparently, this Vista Mall has been referred to as "Nuvali" by visitors. I guess they refer to this general location as Nuvali....as if it is now a town's name.   

    (The escalators are moving continuously!)

 This was the Paseo Market this morning... sounds of torotots, and the usual morning weekend marketing scene...with maybe a little bit more shoppers.

So my last post for the year ends with a view and sounds of fireworks over Paseo de Santa Rosa, as seen from the hills of Silang, Cavite.

   Happy New Year! In my selfish way, I hope 2017 leaves me with still enough clear views of the sky.  Because really, it is quickly getting crowded up here.

Paving paradise part nth

  So we chose to move up to the hills...far from the highway now regularly jammed on weekends...away from the commercial areas...never mind their convenience...

  But now the two big developers have joined together to create even more of the same up there too.   

  Saw the forest bulldozed...very very very sad.

  And yet in the future, I know I will patronize it. Or even be a tenant. 

  Surely, an asthma attack after twenty years of clear lungs...may be related to the construction around.  And what about EVERYONE now having respiratory problems.  It's not just the pollen, I say.  For former Manila residents maybe it's even being used to the cement dust and THEN experiencing pollen.

  I used to hear about "Green Lungs" in the city of Kuala Lumpur every day. Not once have I heard it here.  Just because we are not prone to the smog from Indonesia, or are not in a valley like KL is, does not mean we do not need the "green lungs" too.

  Bye bye birdies.