I'm just a small fish in a small corner of this big Laguna, and this is how I've been swimming it

27 March, 2014

Earth Hour

   It is this weekend.  We've participated these past four years by turning off our lights for a little longer than the hour.  Back in Makati, the whole village participated. Here, in this village, all lights remain on, there is no notice, and the Earth Hour project seems unheard of.  Lights are out in homes that are mostly empty, and it doesn't really matter to me...I admittedly haven't given much thought to why I participate, except it would not hurt anyway. It is good.  

    These were shot last December.  The last photo, with the vast Indian Ocean front and center, seems poignant now, in the light of MH 370. We may never really know what really happened...and it's one of those mysteries I need an answer for from God.  May their souls rest in peace.

25 March, 2014

Hope, Birds, and Flowers

      There is! Hope.  I open my front door to see a long-wavy-haired teenage boy turn back, stop his scooter in the middle of the road outside our fence...and look down. I thought he was going to pick up the brown object...maybe something he dropped?  But he sped one direction, and returned quickly, with another boy behind him.  They both looked down and the second boy picked up a little maya (Sparrow) bird...

      I asked..."...alive?".  Wavy-haired kid turned to me, and nodding said "it can't fly...we'll take care of it".

      He looked sincere and their discussion was serious...I trust that they were taking it home to heal it. What else?

      At this hormonal, cranky and cynical phase of my life, when I have begun to mutter "teenagers" whenever I find some irritating, I pause. No, I bonk myself on the head.  There are many good kids out there, and the world is still a good place.  Heck, they are better than you, I tell myself.   

      And no, this isn't a maya...it's a sunbird. It sang from 5-6 pm, also today, directly overhead. Watch out for the droppings, my kid warned.

    A year ago...or maybe even more than a year ago...(I really ought to resume a gardening journal), I cut a small stem off the hydrangea (milflores) pictured in the first March 2011 post.  Now, finally, blooms from that cutting.  I am pleased, because I didn't think it possible.

   I've also just learned they are pink because the soil is alkaline. Apparently they are originally blue and turn pink depending on the soil (or water?).

   We don't have Spring in the Philippines. But if we did, today would probably have been it. Just today. I bet tomorrow the hot Summer begins.

Narra Showers

Coming full circle from the first post 3 years ago...
I will never tire of these...after March 2014 showers...perfumed air yesterday

yellow carpet today

Makopa (Malabar plum?)

  ...and I find I have nothing more to say.