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22 April, 2011

Westgrove is not in Sta. Rosa

...but it is mainly accessed from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay national highway and the Laguna Blvd.  This billboard and intersection has been my landmark for the area from way back when Westgrove was starting to sell and the lots cost Php 8,000. per sqm.  It's still there, and recently, got a new image on it.  One with people. Lots of people of all ages. The previous one showed the view of a grove from a porch. With an empty chair.  This one is warm like the summer...but I don't know if the red pigment was really done on purpose. You know, to project warmth, passion, life and because red is quick to reach the eye. It could, but then it just looks like bad printing(to little old me).  Anyway, it says "We Live". 
     I wonder if the megastar is aware that many think "Sharon" aside from "Sta. Rosa" when you say "Westgrove".  I am not a fan, but I like her enough, and I hope she gets the peace she enjoys in here.  Once I saw her children and husband at the Rustan's express.  I let him be (rather than start chatting with him about mutual friends), seeing how he was enjoying doing the ordinary with his kids.

   I like Westgrove for its green hills too. I won't survive though. You see, I actually am not fond of having or taking charge of household staff. To survive in Westgrove, assuming the house would be huge,  I would need more than two helpers. Can someone from Westgrove tell me--is there a shuttle for staff to get to the gate? Besides the helpers, I would need a driver, and while I could enjoy being driven, I can't really put up with everything you need to when dealing with staff. Unless you're really lucky and have efficient and good staff.  Then again, from this billboard to a house inside Westgrove is a long drive. I may reconsider the driver. 

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