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10 April, 2011

Desperate Housewives/Knots Landing/Peyton Place

     These are hit tv series about neighborhoods. Or the secrets within the small neighborhoods.  I mentioned previously that I was going to say something about mixed-culture kids. Their being of mixed races is not the point at all.  I also have friends who married foreigners and they are decent, lovely women.  Marriage is tough, and there are even bigger challenges when two cultures marry.  I have nothing against mixed-culture marriages. I'm hurt by generalizations made about us Filipinas who marry foreigners.

   What I mentioned was sad is really not simply about being a child of mixed races...but that a neighbor revealed to me how there are many women here who are actually unfaithful to their foreign husbands (presumably because they married them for one reason). I was surprised to learn that this Filipina mother of four daughters would bring men into their home, and (as they say) her "press release" was that this or that man was her cousin.  Apparently, the Asian husband (who has older kids back in his country) learned the truth, and withheld money from her.  She then left home and has not been heard from, leaving her very young daughters.  The husband is said to be very heartbroken and suicidal.  Well, his culture is known to use suicide as a way out...

   The other tsismis is that this other set of kids...has a gold-digger of a mother too.  This half-European set includes an eldest boy who actually told me in response to my query that he is not a cousin, but a half-brother.  However, I just learned that their mother's "press release" to the European father is that the boy is her sister's son.  Her sister has a baby as well who has an unidentified father. 

  Now I just realized...I have met both these allegedly gold-digging mothers.  I have never had a conversation with any of them...even in the party of the other mother's daughter, all she did was give me this smile. Not a word came out of her.  Meanwhile, the other mothers I have met--the decent ones, have extended more than just the smile...at the least, they would make small talk about--the weather.  Both examples make me sad, when I look at their children...

  On another scandalous note,  there is another neighbor who has disappeared with her lovely preschooler girls. I learned from the maid that her daughters' pretty young yaya and their father were going together!  It is soooo disgusting a situation. On top of that, the father, another European, is extremely obese and unattractive.   Said young yaya has shacked up with the man in the family home. Apparently he had put her up in another place when the wife and kids were still home. Eek. She actually locks herself in and hides, ashamed because the neighbors' maids know.  Well, I once saw her outside and she appeared self-conscious (because my maid had seen her with the man's arm around her out at a mall and she knew it), but I made like she was invisible. She immediately entered the house. Ha! At least she's "suffering". The man is a pig, period.

   My mother says this place is kind of like Peyton Place then. If you're in your 60s you would know this show.  The '80s had the same theme of neighborhood scandals, treachery and affairs in Knots Landing. And if you are 40 and below,  it's Desperate Housewives for you.

   Well, Santa Rosa is a normal city, and the newish villages ever moreso I guess.

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