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21 April, 2011

Maundy Thursday Magdalene

    I am so affected, but it's better this way---I'm deathly afraid of being desensitized to what goes on in that room whose window my desk window is across from, by about car-width's reach. (see Sheer Curtains post. Actually they're not even sheer--they're transparent!).  It should go on bothering me, or else what will I have become.  My dear mother told me the next morning I should  not let my blood pressure rise over this...that the devil is next door, working to affect me so. She's right, I think.

    Maundy Thursday, 7:00 pm, can you believe it?  Action again.  More than one voice--a woman's and possibly a man's, but Filipinos this time, in that room, just talking. The woman, standing, seated, waving hands while talking.  Who are these people? This obviously isn't one person's bedroom. Are they pimps? 
There were three vehicles out front, and the annoying thing is their black, heavily tinted, plate-less van was parked in front of our house.  I would not mind a neighbor parking a car in that spot.  In this case, the foreigner, leaves this van overnight and the whole day to go golfing on weekends.  That's not really bad and I could care less...except when I think about how he ferries a different prostitute each time, using this van.  The security head could do nothing but shrug, saying "you know these men...".  Last month I had called security to say the van had been sitting there all day and night, and it looked creepy, black including the tint, and with no plates. How was it that a village sticker was issued to a plateless van, I failed to ask. He said it was the staff car. Yes, sure.  The house is a brothel, or just a halfway house for the men (who I'm told work for their country's popular mobile phone/television sets etc. parts manufacturer) to come and relieve their stress. Disgusting. 

   He's right, we can't really control their bringing prostitutes into the house. It's just so offensive, and my pain includes getting grossed out (diseases and all), getting grossed out by the actual idea of it, and on another level, I am a woman, am a Filipina too. We can't even complain in the same way we can holler if we smell strange chemicals coming from the house (you know, like a laborator for you know?). So, I just do what I can. Originally thought of sticking an improvised bumper sticker saying "I use prostitutes" or something like that. But then who knows what kind of revenge these men will have. Of course I can use "I will have you deported", but can I?  I hear these people have the gall to do anything they want in this country, because they know they can get away with it.  And come on...we do have Filipinos doing the same things overseas. So again, it's not a racial thing (shouldn't be, but it they have been offending my sensibilities lately with their manner).  Such a surprise, for I have a reputation as something of a diplomat and ambassador!

   Last night, when I heard "the sounds", I blasted something loud again. This time, not the angry woman shouting, but music.  Ama Namin by the Bukas Palad singers. Ha!

   Tonight, I switched my emergency siren on.  Poor offspring was about to go to bed, and begged me to turn it off.  So I did.  Blasted Bukas Palad again.  Then the room emptied, so I stopped.

   About an hour later, ewww...a very young girl, with hair fixed into a neat ponytail, in black underwear, stood, sat, stood again, draping her clothes on the bedpost.  Blast went my Bukas Palad.
   I don't know what happened, but the room emptied again.  I then heard the man speaking loud in his language, downstairs. Hm. My fantasy is that the music on the Maundy touched the girl so (as Bukas Palad music is wont to do)...that she decided to quit. Sigh.

   Okay, I'll just pray. Wait, maybe I'll tell the neighbor who introduced herself last December as active at the Parish, our sort of representative. That should freak her out. Then again, she might try to get me against the RH bill.  Still, I've proven chismis power works in this case.  And prayers, of course.

    Happy Easter.

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