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22 April, 2011

Museo ng Santa Rosa

Entering the bayan
  Museums are usually closed on Monday.  It was a Sunday when we first tried to visit the Santa Rosa Museum, and it was closed. We were told to return on a Monday. This seems odd, but then I do remember other government museums in other towns were closed on Sundays as well.  We dreaded going on a weekday, as the bayan looks really like your "anybayan" in Southern Luzon. Just see the "7-11" in the center through the archway above.  Cringe. At least it's not the Golden Arches nor the Bee I see.  I do cringe, but how phony of me to not enjoy the convenience--when we had earlier stopped by at a 7-11 to buy batteries, while my husband used the Jolibee restroom.

  So, it is Holy Week, and I thought it the perfect opportunity to enter this Museo.  This is right next to the  parish church. It smelled of...paint and dust was flying.  They were renovating, what luck.  An elderly construction man ushered us in, saying we could still go upstairs.  A very pleasant and accommodating security head met us, explaining the reason for the renovation.   There is some sort of international museum congress happening in May, and Sta. Rosa will be the venue for the Philippine museums meeting! We still saw a bit of the second floor. It's actually surprising that items were still out on display considering all the construction dust and movement.  Here is what we saw:

Table settings, houseware such as an old coal iron, mortar and pestle, jars
photos of the old archway circa 1920s

     When the man pointed out the photos of all the town's heads on the far end of the wall, at first I thought: Why is everything in a town all about the mayor as a personality most of the time. You know, with photos on tarps everywhere, and people referring with reverence to the mayor, or the congressman, etc when one is discussing the town. Then again, he probably pointed them out as the building used to be the town hall.
     Anyway, it is going to be open week after Holy Week, and then the meeting will be held in May.  We also inquired about the Cuartel (see post) de Santo Domingo. Security head seemed excited about our interest in the ruins, and led us to the tourism office.  The woman in there could not share our excitement--she seemed frustrated too, by the fact that even they could not visit the ruins.  She said they have even had to send their request to the Taguig camp. There is hope though, as she mentioned talks are ongoing between the National Historical Institute and the camp, to open the ruins for visitors.

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