I'm just a small fish in a small corner of this big Laguna, and this is how I've been swimming it

22 April, 2011

Good Friday, good morning, bad neighbors

     So I saw them leave....three girls, one strangely wearing a huge I.D. card around her neck. Obviously not regular girlfriends, seemingly unfamiliar with the place, in movement and behavior. Carrying a garment shop's paper shopping bag (typical of those who spend one night?--I'd seen this in Malaysia, a young girl who had a one-night stand with a Filipino yuppie in town for a project. Another disgusting story...he was married).  Driven in the car by the Foreign Asian. The old foreign Asian saw them off. After this, men came and went, presumably for golf. It's just strange how they drove another black van, with plates, and the suv, back and forth to the parking area and another house...carrying a black golf bag--just one, back and forth from car to car and then finally to the house.  What's inside? Is it really golf clubs? Anyway, at least they've vacated the street, having parked away. 

   I should stop. Blogging has helped me deal with this disturbance but this is definitely NOT what I had wanted this blog to be about.  It is like the honeymoon with this place is over, and I am seeing its flaws.  I should stop lest I attract the very evil I am trying to conquer.

  Really need to pray to God, reflect, and find peace. 

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