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09 June, 2012

Nuvali Weekend Market

    The day before getting the flu and disappearing for the entire May, I checked out the first day of the weekend Fiesta market at the terminal.  I had not been interested to visit it, uncertain about its offerings.  Nuvali has held markets in the 'tiangge' in the past, and so I wasn't sure if this was one of those very interesting ones with unique finds, perhaps flea market goods, organically-grown vegetables, and local delicacies.  I've ranted in a past post (or have I) about how funny/sad it is to not find many things one expects from this province, such as kesong puti (Mr. Moo has since opened in South Supermarket, as Hacienda Macalauan supplies the grocery).

    Anyway, I agreed to check it out with an expat friend who was excited.  She was just eager as she likes fairs and markets. I reminded her that the concept might not be the same as the fairs in her continent (Europe).  She was aware of this, after having lived here a year and not seeing such a fair as she had hoped to see with more native, traditional goods.

   There were native, traditional goods, but not as much as we hoped.  We are positive people though, and know with time this might grow. I haven't visited it since, so I can't testify.  All I know is I wasn't too thrilled.  I had a chat with plant vendors whose plants I thought were from Bay, or Calamba, Laguna.  They were from Paranaque City! Their actual stores are in Market!Market! where they presumably do well. So the Ayala people had them come over to test this market. I've noted the lack of plant stores in the area and dreamed of having my own nursery here, but then I realize it's because people here simply go to Silang, Tagaytay or Calamba for plants! So I find it kind of funny for me to purchase something grown in Manila.  The vendors were very nice and helpful, too, but again, knowing most of the people who choose to live here are more aware of and into herbs, plants, vegetables, it was kind of funny having them lecture me about their benefits and uses.  I'm being facetious.

   The bayongs and other woven bags were from Tagaytay at least.  Generally, the vendors did not look to happy. It was midday and customers were few.  

   I have to mention the heat...it was probably due to the rain the later fell, but mostly owing to the concrete of the terminal and the Robinson's concrete wall. 

    It wasn't exciting, nothing I'd go to at 6a.m. for but I guess the heat and subsequent flu just turned me off. Well, maybe if it was nice enough to have breakfast in after an early morning jog, maybe...

   I miss the SIDCOR weekend market along EDSA in the '90s, in Quezon City. Everything was there.  There was also one in FTI Taguig, which also had the same vendors in Magallanes Village.  I remember the beginnings of Cream Dory in that market. Back then, Dory was not found in the groceries. There were things like homemade yogurt, also not found anywhere else, and grilled fish, meat, good corn.  Herbs, fruits, plants, everything.

   Well, here's a clip of the Nuvali Fiesta Market. The electric shuttle took customers to the other side of the commercial area (Solenad). 


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