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24 October, 2014

Happily Rural

     It is nice that my child was able to witness a calf's birth while on our way to her piano lesson in a hilly village here with awesome views of the Laguna bay (whooog..breathe..breathe! sorry..I am in such a hurry again)...

   The view is the reason most of few homes there, and the ones currently being constructed, are adding roofdecks.  My friend was the first to include a deck, and they've got this 360 view, lovely at sunset.  Plus really cool breezes. Back to the cows...

     Well..we were a few minutes late, the calf was already on the ground..

     I took care to black out the mother's behind for you....as I said, the calf had just come out.  Again, another of those times I wish I had my real camera.  The kid took the first photo for me.

     The second photo was forty minutes after, taken from the other side of the road.  I wish I included a shot of the beaming owner man. His grin was really wide, his eyes so bright, proud and happy!  Like a new father!

      Another thing you don't see is that to the immediate right is a new commercial building, and across it on this side of the road, is another commercial building. Both took ages to complete, and have been vacant for more than a year already.  On the day we passed though, a furniture store was setting up shop on the building closest to these cows.

      All these right across the Adventist University of the Philippines, Puting Kahoy, Silang.

      I will be sad to see the trees and livestock disappear and in its place, more such buildings as those new retail ones.

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