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16 July, 2011

food delivery in the area...or not

    It's a Friday, pizza day, in my book.  I haven't ordered a pizza for delivery ever since I moved here.  Well, I have, around twice, and both times from the Yellow Cab in Paseo de Santa Rosa.  Both times, the pizza came fast, earlier than the time I was informed it would take.

     So why do I keep forgetting this and keep calling Shakey's first, only to get turned off by the 24 hour waiting time.  I do exaggerate, the truth is they always ask me if I can wait for 5 hours. Seriously. Delivery is not a priority in Shakey's Paseo. I would be as confident as they were in maintaining this status quo, as this branch is one of the more nostalgic-Shakey's-of-my-childhood branches. It even has a "video game arcade".
   Shakey's has this thin crust, is greasier, and cheaper than a Yellow Cab pizza.  It's really just the top-of-mind.  Then I remember there is Yellow Cab.   Now Yellow Cab's main service is delivery, I guess.  I remember often ordering for delivery from the Makati Avenue branch, and occasionally dining in there.  I haven't actually entered the Yellow Cab in Paseo nor in Nuvali. The one in Paseo has interesting interiors that look like they're actually an exterior setting---with plants, stones, and pathways.

    There is Big 30, which, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't exist in Metro Manila.  But it is expensive and honestly, I tried a take-out pizza once, and it isn't that great.  I also got turned off when I saw a pet "sugar glider" in a cage, sitting on one of the tables.  Staff washed the cage in the outside sink, and then set it back onto the table. Ew. First, I have issues with the animal's cage being rinsed and then placed on the table. Second, what is an exotic animal doing in a cage in a restaurant?  It is cute, but a bad idea...

    Greenwich is another "Filipino-style" pizza favorite, but they don't take credit cards.  Yellow Cab does, even for delivery.


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