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19 July, 2011

EK--Enchanted Kingdom!

     So after two years in Santa Rosa, I finally revisit the Enchanted Kingdom. The last time I went was ten years ago, and before that, when it was newly-opened.  EK is now 15 years old, and I honestly didn't think it would still, well, enchant.  The decision to go was impromptu--the folks were thinking of heading out to Nuvali.  But Saturday afternoon was the perfect day to avoid Solenad--a payday weekend, a very hot sunny day, and in July, balikbayan visitors season.  Also, I needed some stimulation.  Luckily, the family members agreed to go, just like that.

   I think what helped seal the deal was my having quickly checked the EK website, and finding that there is such a thing as a "Carousel Special" admission ticket. With this Php 150.00 rate, guests are free to go on unlimited rides on the Grand Carousel, the Bumbling Boulders, and the Boulderville Express.  The last two rides are mainly for young children. Since we had one young child who doesn't really qualify for many of the rides and the rest of us not too excited to ride anything really, this was the best choice. Also, it being a sudden decision made at 3:30 pm, this was the most prudent.

   The Boulderville Express

   EK has a lot of promos going on at the same time. From now until August, there is a Rainy Day Guarantee, so that when you visit and rains don't allow you to enjoy the rides, you can come back another time. Members of the AFP and their dependents are targets of another promo too. For more info, check out the website. It is also a neat, nice website. Surfing it is as pleasant as a stroll through EK. 

   This is my 4th time to visit the park, and the past three times were just as unplanned, and just as enjoyable.  On my second trip, a friend and I boarded the EK bus from the junction at the Glorietta in Makati. It was a nice and easy trip and I'm certain taking their bus still would be nice.
    We ran into neighbors there with their friends, and that's when I realized, EK is where our children will hang out with their friends as teens!

     The people running EK are consistently pleasant. I mean, they're just right, not overly courteous or anything...just light and happy. Well, of course the ride operators were more serious, but really, everyone, down to the custodians sweeping the grounds was nice.  Hats off to them and their trainors.

     At the EK, you can go Up, Up and Away

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