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16 April, 2017

Easter and the Mindanao Gum Tree

I've always said I think I'd like to live in Hacienda Sta. Elena...
Today I found a big reason I need (ha ha need, seriously, not just want) that space! 

You see, I am obssessed with the Mindanao Gum Tree/Rainbow Gum Tree/Eucalyptus. And today I saw it on the Fun Farm.  I have been to the Fun Farm several times yet never really noticed this until now.  I later saw it on the perimeter of the Golf course as well.

It is true, the bark gives off a woodsy scent...I sniffed it. But in my hands the loose strips of bark gave me one scented whiff and then the fragrance was gone.

I am moving, yes, but not to a place where I can plant my very own Mindanao Gum Tree, unfortunately.  Hopefully, will have my farm someday.  I am realistic and no longer romanticize farming at all.  But a plot of land is all I need. Or maybe, I could adopt one, or plant some seedlings in a forest conservation area. Can somebody let me know?

Happy Easter!

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