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07 September, 2013

Enchanted Kingdom's 18 this year!

     Just have to make special mention of the staff at Enchanted Kingdom. As is expected of an "amusement park" or "theme park", they make the experiences pleasant. 

   Since it seems I have a leeeetel beet more readers lately, I will post this old feature from 2011 where apparently I already mentioned the staff's being nice.
The only difference is I mentioned the ride attendants were serious (as they have to be); that's not completely true, many were seriously focused on their jobs, yet were cheery enough to also greet children. 

   During last weekend's visit I noted that even in the evening, and on a Sunday, ride attendants were still alright.  Not that we expect anything less; just that it had been an extremely warm day.  I even noticed the approx 2 liter water jugs at each ride's station.  I hope that is enough for the attendants and gets refilled regularly. 

   Here is the past post.

     I just cannot believe it's been 18 years since we drove to the park's soft opening.  There are new rides, and although the entrance-only promo I mentioned in that post is no more,  the day pass includes those new rides. (There used to be separate fees for certain rides and attractions).  The park is also undergoing a facelift.

   This really is sort of a landmark destination in Sta. Rosa.   It's close enough to Metro Manila, and the shuttle service is convenient.  Last Sunday, we noted many balikbayan visitors. Some probably visiting OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers) with their entire clan. 

    Visit in October...the anniversary month. There will be a fireworks competition. Of course it is enchanting during the Christmas season, with all the decorations.

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