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17 November, 2012

The King (Bee's) view

of the mount Makiling, is gone. Gone. Gone.
Remember my post last year? (ha! Right. Assuming I have followers, am I. My imaginary ones, at least)


You don't see the mountain anymore.  Instead, construction has begun on this site, which was where loud events as the San Miguel Oktoberfest were held.  The images on the fences show more "Paseo" shops. It was inevitable.  The darkening of this Santa Rosa-Tagaytay highway.  I won't even take a picture.

UPDATE 04/2013
Okay so I've finally taken a picture.
Now I need a Feng Shui master.  Is there anything auspicious about King Bee facing the mountain?  Now that view is obstructed. Well, c'est la view.

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