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13 August, 2011

Philippine Sights Reed Diffusers

Here is a collection of reed diffuser oils inspired by sights in the mostly Southern Tagalog region, including of course, Laguna, and a Southern island in the Philippines.  Reed diffusers are an alternative way of making a room smell good. Rattan reeds placed upright in the bottle of oil wick up and diffuse the oil--in this case a combination of essential and fragrance oils. They do so continuously as reeds stand in the oil, eliminating the need for flames and wax as in candles and burners, or electricity as in electric burners.

"Tanawin" Reed Diffuser Oils subtly scent your space with:

samyo ng matamis na mangga sa natatanging isla
fragrance of sweet mangoes on the unique island
a blend of green mango and coconut

halimuyak ng hardin sa bayang luntian
fragrance of the garden in this verdant land
a blend of lemongrass, basil, and other herbs
simoy ng sampaguita sa lupang tinubuan
breeze of sampaguita in the land of one's birth
a blend of sampaguita and bamboo

aroma ng kape sa maaliwalas na gulod ng Tagaytay
aroma of coffee in the pleasant Tagaytay ridge
a blend of coffee and vanilla

Tanawin Reed Diffuser Oils bring pleasant memories of cool Tagaytay trips, or languid Philippine beach holidays into your home.
They're available for sale in Santa Rosa, on your way back from Tagaytay, or via meet-up in Alabang.  Unfortunately they cannot be shipped as yet. They would make great resort, restaurant or shop merchandise in the Tagaytay-Silang-Sta. Rosa area.    email poeticscents@gmail.com

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