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27 March, 2011

Are you looking for a "Lipat-bahay"?

     Who moved us here?  Try searching for LEMSON in Metro Manila, if this number doesn't work  09198998743. We needed:  men who could lift and heave our furniture and boxes onto closed trucks, and then gently set them into the small Santa Rosa home.  We got around 5 very nice men with two yellow closed trucks. One of the men informally lead the team with his skillful, strategic moves. 
     The full moon day in May two years ago turned out to be rainy. I remember thinking at least the men did not sweat nor smell as much as they would have, but prayed their getting drenched wouldn't make them sick. They are not a moving company that has uniformed staff, so they were in t-shirts, sandos.  Wish they had rain jackets.

      We did all the packing ourselves, over many weeknights.  My husband easily became obssessed with wrapping furniture, and he did such a neat job, it was almost painful peeling them at the new house. He consumed two rolls of large-sized cling wrap and bought up the stock of bubble wrap from the neighborhood Office Warehouse.

      Of course we would have loved to hire the movers who do everything, but LEMSON was a really good deal. We saved a lot of money and felt we could completely trust them.  Strange, the dispatcher actually vouched for their trustworthiness, by saying "they are Seventh Day Adventists".  Well, the Adventist University of the Philippines is just a few kilometers from here. It is because of that remark that I have come to regard the people around that area as maybe more trustworthy than us Roman Catholics. An awkward thought I can't process right now. We were also advised upon inquiry, not to tip.  The men were so helpful, nice, wet, and damn tired, so we still gave them something "pang merienda". We had earlier shared lunch with them, and explained they should just go get merienda for themselves.  I hope they were grateful and not offended.

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