I'm just a small fish in a small corner of this big Laguna, and this is how I've been swimming it

04 December, 2017

Picture Quality

I used to be an amateur photographer.

I used to take a lot of photos using FILM.

I have stopped being that "photographer" for a little over a decade now.

I used a video camera a LOT as well.

I have not stopped taking pictures...

but I am not that "amateur photographer and videographer" I once thought myself to be.

I guess this is a sort of apology for the bravado I display (read: kapal ng mukha) posting all these photos.

Well...nobody is viewing anyway. (Hmm, fishing...for a comment or two.)

03 December, 2017

Sky & Skyline, Supermoon

December 2, 2017 around 5:30 pm

Supermoon taken 11:47 pm Dec. 3, 2017.  It was supposed to have been at its largest at this point.


Sometime ago I took photos on the stretches of Nuvali blvd toward Laguna Blvd, and the same blvd leading toward the Mamplasan toll exit through Greenfield's road.  I remember posting a photo of a flowering Narra tree on an island just recently.

Boy am I glad I did.  Because really, the road side is now unrecognizable.  Some pylons are already up along that technopark road, along the San Jose villages.  I gasped upon seeing there is actually now a gas station right outside the entrance of the Tamayo's Dalta Royale estate...which is next to Verdana Mamplasan.

I'm sorry.

We cannot have it both ways...the small town ambience, with small roads and trees, and the growing population and volume of vehicles needing more roads.

In the Narra's place will be a major intersection with a flyover.  I do pity the residents along the rear of the Santarosa Estates 1 and the Santa Rosa Villages.  When you buy property, you never imagine parts right outside it will become a highway.

When we bought the lot we are in now, we asked...and asked...about the raw land that is both our green view and beyond our village.  Who owns it, what might their plans be for it?

Alas...we see more vehicles on a road there.  I have heard of friends feeling lost when Waze directed them there rather than the usual road from bgy. Tibig.
I sense a change coming, if not that being actually the Calax's route.

I have largely felt backward and silly, selfish and so not "progressive" ranting about these "developments".  But the other day I also felt assured that this OA of mine is not really OA...I am not the only one being OA (over-acting) about it.
Another mother who also moved here around the same time less than ten years ago, expressed the same...

The same OA that says dang, we are not in Kansas anymore, let's move.

My other friends joked about how insane it is that we complain about the "traffic" on the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Rd...when it is nothing compared to MANILA traffic.  But really... it is not OA, the dismay is real.  

So is the sight of plastic, paper and other trash on the parking lots (especially of the gravel parking) in Solenad, Nuvali on Monday mornings.

As for NOISE pollution...let me talk about the Nuvali Light and Sound show some other time. I can freaking hear it when I open my windows at home.  The wind carries the sound. And the search lights are no fun either.  But wait, I already ranted about this last year. I remember seeing the bothered birds illuminated by the lights.

I don't know...the show is really COLD.  First, in the daytime it is nothing but an ugly mess of plastic and wires on the green field.  For the show, it is just too techno for my kind of Christmas.  I mean, I grew up in the ear of COD Department store animated displays... and that was HEARTWARMING.

This light show?  No Christmas warm fuzzies at all. Just so...synthetic. Sorry.

The Landmark Festival Mall

Ohhh...it is sprawling...

So nice that they preserved the replica of a statue by Dr. Jose Rizal, as well as the facade of the old center 


That river is an actual river running through the land...

A bit saddened to remember that this area was filled with big old trees...
but amazing to see this area so huge...especially this outdoor park setting.

Evia Mall (Lifestyle Center) Daang Hari

Ohhh...very quaint, cozy...and filled with the good places to eat.  Structure quite unlike our Vista Mall Sta. Rosa...

Oh my child thought we had stepped into Kidzania...